Yet another dating sim

Perfect through his virtue and self-reflection, when he never reflected on anything in the first place and all the work was essentially done for him by his cheat system.

The author has the gall to sell the main character as being more than what he is: a shameless, clueless, hypocritical gary-stu self insert.

Other reviews mentions that there are no 'arrogance young master', well I have bad news for you, they are still here.

It's just the author is way too busy talking about the MC's handsomeness to be bothered about giving any of those guys any screen times. I forgot which chapter I dropped it at, no desire to go check so I'm leaving it blank.

I will repeat it again, the novel may or will improve but it will already follow a route and it is shonen, romance and other things will be left aside, the girls will be the bottom of the stage.

In this new world that’s akin to a 2-D game, he just wants to enjoy life and head for a glorious future…

I do not ask a hentai or MC more worried in your crotch than to do what you should do. Why do you lie to us why why why how handsome it is, please author stop with that already everyone knows that he is handsome.

I want more reality in terms of your actions, I want you to tell me why it behaves like this, because keep the mystery of the past life? some will say that I am wrong but those who read the chapter where some kids from their high school try to save a girl persecuted will realize, that chapter was the most forced and unreal law.

I think that being a Chinese author would put serious things in the moment they are necessary, and I'm wrong, the plot may become interesting later on but it will simply be like any other Japanese novel that fails to extract manga episodes after the first 3.

If you like the shonen, welcome; but if you came here for the title hoping to be the "kami nomi" with the decent end you hoped, wrong place, sure women here will have interesting stories or introductions but their personality will be more empty than a leaf of paper.

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