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Zangetsu's eyes widened in horror as he saw the large gas cloud looming over him. A loud echo ripped through the air as Ichigo made a puking face and past out, Zangetsu's face serving a brink pink blush."E-excuse me..." Zangetsu whispered. Hichigo clutched at his face, coughing loudly and turning so even whiter than he already was and thus became a light shade of purple. Zangetsu then looked over to the hollow and held his breath.

Skin deathly pale, Zangetsu starred at the growing mass of gas. Eric sprouted a pair of saucer eyes with horn rimmed glasses and an oval mouth without teeth. He could feel his lungs shrinking, and it reminded him of the good, but short time with Eric. Zangetsu watched in shock as Ichigo and Hichigo's face's started turning a dark purple. Hichigo spazzed for a few seconds, the let out a growl as he started foaming at the mouth and drooling simultaneously. Then the pink monstrous thing turned his face back to him and jabbed his trunk in his face and started sucking like a hooversucker. Zangetsu screamed and tried to get the trunk off his face. Before he knew it he lost consciousness and was sucked up like dust. Katakanion: Whahahaha, isn't this the best piece of art ever made?

He spazzed, gurgled, spazzed another time and his fingers twitched. His soul left his mouth and exploded in a purple cloud that quickly vanished. It sounded to Zangetsu like purring, so he turned towards it and made a kitty-like face."Awww, does little pinky like that? It growled somewhat louder, but Zangetsu was being too thickheaded to notice. Zangetsu obviously thought it was cute since he started petting it. He pulled his trunk from his master's hands and hit him in the side. x Xx Se Me-Ch Anx Xx- I personally think It's the work of god -sniffle- :'3Katakanion: Well, that should mean we're gods then, since I know for sure Aizen can't write this awesomely XDx Xx Se Me-Ch Anx Xx- Fer sure 8D Aizen is jealous of our skizzles -3-Katakanion: Damn right he should be! x Xx Se Me-Ch Anx Xx- o_o I think we've angered our death by fart friends...

It reminded Zangetsu of one of the Zelda games he saw Ichigo play once. Zangetsu hadn't seen this coming and thus wasn't prepared for the hit. x3 And I bet he's too wannabe god-like that he can't think of awesome farts XDx Xx Se Me-Ch Anx Xx- Well, that's something even tousen could point out. -snorts-Katakanion: *snorts* yeah x] How'd you like your pretty coloured clouds o'doooooooom? Zangetsu-*screaming from inside the fluffy*Hichi: Whaha, I didn't mind their colour, BUT WHY DID SOMEONE AS AWESOME AS ME GOTTA DIE? Katakanion: LOL XD Now I see them doing a gay handshake XDIchi- YOU ALBINO BASTARD! x Xx Se Me-Ch Anx Xx- Gahahah x DD Anyways~ Reviews? Else we'll make them fart and send them your way...

Forcing his fingers in his passed out mouth, He extracted the candy like ball and swallowed it.We don't own bleach x DIchigo sighed as he laid back on his bed. Hichigo barely felt the need to suppress a snicker from escaping as his butt made another sickening noise and foul gasses saw the light.Zangetsu sighed as he watched the hollow laugh about such a childish thing. My guys all have offices, and it takes time for the guest to come in, sit down and converse while the advisor types everything in.Who ever knew that Ichigo's inner world smelled that bad? The day in Ichigos inner world started as nice and sunny, but it soon turned all windy when Shiro decided to let his inner gasses take a look outside.

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