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On Valentine’s Day last year, Hannah heard that her ex-boyfriend Ed was engaged.They had gone out for four years, but Ed had refused to discuss the idea of living together.They have often gone on a few awkward dates and want to know how to make them run more smoothly.Experts say we now spend so much time online that meeting people in person feels daunting. ‘People don’t do it [any more] because it’s easier to go home and swipe,’ says Hemmings.

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She might also advise you to lower your expectations.

Fearing he would never commit, Hannah broke up with him, yet struggled to get over the split.

But when she heard about his engagement, the 33-year-old graphic designer knew she had to move on.

‘Dating has become really competitive, especially for women in their 30s,’ says Hemmings.

‘At that age, there seems to be more women than men on apps.

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