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In my dream, my own mother and sister, the two people I love and trust the most were demons. My own aunt has tampered with witchcraft and I believe she never closed the door she opened. In the uncouncious we are more open to the spiritual realm then when we are lucid and awake.

All I can remember is the walls streaked with blood, their eyes black and teeth sharp. Since the dreams are from a spiritual source (demons) they usually attack you when you sleep. Well, sometimes prayer fails since these demons have legal access into our minds due to unrepentant sins or we are bound by some type of curse or have participated in some kind of occult/satanic practice.

Demons in little children and of my family i live with as demons.

I could fill my soul leaving my body, just before we got to the door i felt GOD,s foot pushing me down to the ground the pressure was so powerful the demon couldn't hold me up anymore.

I snaped out of my nightmare my wife had her hand on my chest and i was crying tears running and my heart was racing like i was running.

Later that week i gave my live to JESUS, its been about 10 years and to this day demons still try to enter my dreams but i have the power and the blood of JESUS to fight them off.

when i was a child, the drs just said that they were night terrors and that i would grow out of them.

i am 27 yrs old now and still have them almost every night.

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