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“Don’t fart, don’t fart,” Michael said finding his face smashed between his mother’s butt-cheeks. “Sorry, honey,” she said getting the suitcases turned on their sides and boxing them in the one seat next to the window.

Michael held on to his mothers hips as her butt slid down his chest to his lap.

To make matters worse, she could feel her son’s cock continuing to grow inside of her. Nancy moved her hips from side to side in hopes that it would slip out that way.

“What are you doing,” Michael whispered trying to fight the temptation that was at hand.

Nancy felt the Velcro crotch of her thong release and the head of her son’s cock part her pussy lips.

/ ] [ class / co / eh / fit / halp / jew / lit / phi / pr / rnb / sci / tg / w / zom ] [ a / grim / hi / me / rx / vg / wp / x ] [ cake / cd / d / di / elit / fag / fur / gif / h / men / pco / s / sm / ss / unf / v ] ALL REQUESTS FOR STORIES OR STORY CONTENT ARE TO GO IN THIS THREAD! Ten million years ago I read an elit about this guy and his five sisters and hot mom. I think the author's name was tx_kathy or something. 1) A chick is sunbathing in her bikini when she gets "attacked" by her neighbor with a squirt gun.

He wins, and he and the wife end up fucking in the couple's pool, in front of the husband.

3) A son and mother are traveling by bus, and the mother has to sit on her son's lap due to lack of seats. Little Suzie (mmmmf, drugs) Twin (mmf, reluc, prost) Dark Room (Mff, ff, incest)

Nancy looked back over her should quickly at her shocked wide-eyed son.

Nancy tried to get up, but the bus bounced again and Michael’s hardening cock penetrated her cunt.

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    Luckily for Janet, her prince in shining armor has agreed to give her a “kiss-off” of half-a-billion dollars if they divorce after a maximum of five years.