Who us jennifer lopez dating

We're truly blessed, we don't need anything more right now." When Jennifer accepts her award, she's sure to thank her partner in crime, saying: "You're my twin soul, we're like mirror images of each other.

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Happy dating anniversary to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez!"I almost yelled out 'Alex', but I am the shyest person when it comes to things like that," she told in October. They told Happy Birthday to the man who makes my heart skip a beat every time he walks in the room..."I could literally have just walked away but I walk over and tap him on the shoulder and say 'Hey'... After a lot of talking and nervousness, Alex heads off to the bathroom and sends a text saying: 'You look sexy AF'. Wishing you the best year ever my love..excited for everything God has in store for you...Their nicknames even prove they're supposed to be together: J-Lo, A-Rod. Here's a timeline of everything we know about their relationship so far: 21 May, 2005: This is the first time Jen and Alex meet.Jennifer is with then husband Marc Anthony (and the father of their twins Max and Emme) and they were watching baseball player A-Rod's team the New York Yankees play the New York Mets.

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