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I did what any sensible young starving actor would do — I lied through my teeth and told them I had plenty of experience in both," says the now 36-year-old actor.

"I overheard two actors talking about how the casting director told them to be prepared to do a gymnastics routine at the end of the audition.

I thought there’s no way that’s really gonna happen and not a moment later, the door opens to the audition room and here comes Huntley Ritter (Les) doing a cartwheel down the hallway!

Fortunately for me, by the time I finally auditioned they were so far behind schedule they didn’t ask me to do anything. "Bring It On follows cheerleaders at a Southern California high school who find out their best cheers were stolen from an inner-city school and must scramble to put together a completely new routine in time to compete at championships.

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That might have been one of my best ideas to date," he says.

"Now that we are through the start up phase, I am currently getting ready to produce one of our independent features, which we will be not only producing together but also co-starring and singing in.

If anyone wants to hear Jan sing, check this out..."A decade and a half may seem like a lifetime, but West assures: "I definitely think I could bust out a couple cheers, if my life depended on it.

Once he was cast in Bring It On, the actor, along with Kristen Dunst and the rest of the cast, went through a rigorously and "very intense" cheer camp for 3-4 weeks that lasted 10-12 hours a day, according to West.

"Then they would transport us back to the hotel where Huntley and I would continue practicing because we were both certain we were both gonna get canned," he says, noting that learning the routines was the most difficult part of filming.

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