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This was a blast of a conversation that I wanted to have for 15, 20 years. And with out further ado here is my conversation with the inimitable Mike Rowe. I have wanted to have the chance to sit down with you for many years. I am not sure if I mentioned this when we met, which we will get to, for the first time. Yeah, we touched on everything from Anagnorisis to Peripeteia to modern day agriculture to regret, and of course, the unforgettable taste of testicles. People I don’t know are bringing me things I can’t describe. ” The average person says, “yes.” Then a year later, the average person doesn’t have their business anymore. What good is a story without all these zigs and zags. I didn’t do anything all that subversive in hindsight. I’ll tell you where it was even bigger than both those two combined: Ford. We dug a giant pit and the centrifuge spun the truck like a giant carnival ride and I stood right next to it. It took about a year and a half, but my basic pitch was the same thing as it always is. I am really pleased by that in a way that might sound a little self important.But, you helped keep me sane for a period of several years where I had extremely punishing job from about 2000 to 2002 specifically. I would come home and there were two shows: Dirty Jobs (so you) then Jeff Corwin, who were like my tele-therapists. So, the visual I want to try and recreate, which is just indelibly imprinted on my mind was… The reasons that ranchers for centuries have been biting the balls off of sheep is because it is not only more efficient; it is actually kinder. When I called the Humane Society and PETA, they were very specific in telling me the proper method, which involved a rubber band that would go over the scrotum. And I am completely reliant upon the viewers to get me through the shift. After 3 years, I did develop a pretty good set of muscles. I had always wanted to be a tradesman to tell you the truth. The blank pages is very scary to me because there is no antagonist on it. For all of the grief and derision I’ve leveled towards QVC, they did me a huge solid because, if you were a viewer in 1990, you could turn on QVC any day of the year, any time of the day, and while you might see different people, you would see the exact same process. You would see graphics that are utterly predictable. You would see all that stuff that I used to think I hated was actually the very thing that allowed me to be such an anarchist. But, when you have that much rigor around you, all you have to do is put one toe over the line and you look like a complete malcontent, a lunatic. It just looked that way because I had such clear parameters. Talking very heroically about the construction and reliability and durability of the truck. I said, “If you guys want to put some dude in a Shearling jacket and let him hit a mark and say a line, there is a long list of guys who could do that better than I can. But I am also pleased that a thing that wasn’t on my list to do has triggered a conversation that a million people are a part of.The police department joked on its verified Facebook page that all the tips led it to issue an arrest warrant for the TV host.After Rowe revealed that he was across the country, police posted that they were “now looking for a suspect wearing a Mike Rowe mask.” Rowe — whose show chronicles jobs considered icky, such as road kill collectors — told the newspaper that he agreed the man was his doppelganger.These students, Rowe, whose Facebook page has nearly 4.4 million followers, wrote, “will happily take money from a country whose flag they despise.” But he saved some of his harshest criticism for Jonathan Lash, Hampshire’s president, who decided to remove the flag from the college’s central flag pole as a way to cool some of the tensions. “I couldn’t help but wonder if President Lash was unaware that billions of people around the world are routinely subjected to horrific levels of racism, misogyny, and bigotry that far exceed any injustice in modern-day America,” Rowe, whose other work includes CNN’s “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,” wrote.“Furthermore, I was curious to know if President Lash really believed that removing our flag is a better way to assuage the fears of his frightened students, than simply educating them about the undeniable fact that no country on the planet affords its citizens more liberty than this one,” he added. I am like so there is some guy named Ted, who I should know and I don’t so I am just going to pretend like I do. We suddenly realized that collecting semen from various barn yard animals was great television. Nobody cared what the show really was as long, as it was family friendly, as long as it unfolded in a destination served by any of American’s routes. It’s purpose, like any content really, is just to provide a landing place for the advertising. Mine was a D3 plus one because I always had a camera man. Then a guy named Crandel came in; I think it was Crandel, American Airlines. They decided to do a deal with Brandon Tartikoff, and NBC, and brought in Seinfeld, and other legitimate shows to really justify the advertising, which meant I was out of a gig, again. So, I just wore myself out being glib and then it was suddenly time to be something else. We worked our way through feces from every species. By 1995, I had had dozens and dozens of jobs in Hollywood and New York… The way you do when you think you figured something out that most people haven’t. So, they made big deals with CI and Xerox, and, in the day, all of the usual suspects. So they hired this company, which wound up hiring me to create a show called . So basically I am a tourist doing all the fun things you would do in any of those places. You fly first class even if they have to pull someone off. This went on for about a year while we were in production for this show called . I was for a year, maybe 15 months, without question– and I say this with all do modesty– I think the most interesting date. I’m flying around the world with this magical thing. Then I became so utterly humbled by the fact that I… I just realized I couldn’t spend the rest of my career with so much content for the very industry upon which I relied.

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But, in this case, Melanie just put the lamb right up on the fence post and Albert reached in and pulled the scrotum out, cut the tip off, exposed the testicles, leaned down, bit them off and spit them in a bucket that I was holding. At the same time, say it is possible to do honest television that is both disgusting and intelligent in a tertiary way. Because the fact of the matter is, at that same event… one of things that was important on Dirty Jobs, and one of the few that I really insisted upon, was no second takes. My hope with Dirty Jobs was to say, “Listen, this is going to be a hot mess. We are going to go into the field with a good natured crew. Because I do a lot of other things now that, you know, I like to get along with people and so they want to do it again so I’ll do it again. I would mess with them and they would mess with me. I wanted to take some of the many experiences we have from the show and make a case for what I called Yeah, and, you know, and something about teamwork, or determination, or persistence. I heard the same thing from everyone: The happiest people that I met– people that are most passionate about their work– were people who looked around, watched where everyone was going, and simply went the opposite direction. I am having this conversation with Les Swanson and he is saying, “look, this is not my wish for fulfillment except for the fact that I love what I do and I am very good at it.” My question to him was, “Which one of those came first.” He said, “Neither. [Laughs] There are times, not infrequent in my case, particularly if I have a writing deadline, where I struggle between the desire to kind of zig and zag with the wind, retain the ability to improvise in that way, and on the hand, the desire to have the parameters and so on that we talked about early, to force me to not like polish my tennis shoes when I should be actually sitting down and writing. I acknowledge them and try and stay in on the joke. I don’t always know when I am doing that with other people because you get caught up in a conversation. So I think often in an attempt to turn a phrase I’ll play with the language a lot and stumble across words that I wouldn’t otherwise use. I understand how important it is to be simple and brief. In fact, that is probably the most important thing, which is why I think it is a little indulgent to go the other way, but I do just because it pleases me I think. Sometimes “pass the salt” is the simplest thing you can say if you would like someone to hand you the salt, but it is also fun to ask them to “slide the white crystals in your general direction with all due speed.” [Laughs] I feel like every third turn of phrase that you had in this conversation could be either a great punk rock band like tails and testicles, a restaurant in the Castro, or… But, the book that I have given most frequently is actually… He sees that the church is sinking into the ground. He says to him, “What the hell is going on with the church?Whether it is a speech, or a show, or a commercial, or a podcast, or a Facebook post, whatever it is, you know, I want to get it right but not to the point where I will completely forsake the first pass. Just don’t want to offend anyone at corporate if they are listening. Look, if you haven’t had a couple of beers then sung Wagner, I hardily recommend it, especially if you can put on the viking helmet. So I wind up auditioning that next morning in a conference room at the Marriott Renaissance in Baltimore inner harbor, which is maybe the strangest audition of my life. Then, of course, if you want to take a little detour, right, you can talk about the exact hue of yellow. I probably even learned more about myself, which you will do at 3AM when you are staring into the abyss and it’s staring back and you are trying to make a Precious Moment figurine interesting. I wouldn’t say, “begged.” Each situation was different. But, I have patterns like anybody else except I am suspicious of my patterns if that makes sense. ” [Bill]: “I don’t know a few thousand.” [Historian]: “Actually it is closer to a million…. What you are looking at is the history of many, many years and the all of the anonymous people who have been buried here. I have never had anybody read them and say those weren’t good. it is such a fantastic way to structure a piece of writing. he is very similar to Bryson in the sense that he can make almost anything interesting.Suzan, Susan, you know you have to be sensitive about these things. Honestly, in the same way I got most of my jobs back in the day. Anyway, I walk into the bar and my buddy Rick was pouring the beer, but the game was not on– the Ravens were not playing– instead he was watching a fat guy in a shiny suit selling pots and pans. I didn’t get a call back, but I got a job offer on the spot. It is interesting that you use those words because if you are really trying to sell in a classic sense, or kill time in a practical sense, there is no better approach then the feature/benefit. Then you can talk about where the paint came from, or how the paint was mixed, and where the paint was mixed. You’ll go places that you didn’t know you would go. When I was fired the first time, I had only been there about 2 months. It looks like the church is sinking, but it’s not that at all.”That is when Bill Bryson decides to write Travis Mc Gee is a boat bum created by John D. There offensive in the sense that they are politically incorrect and out of step, but there good. Reminded me of John Mc Phee who’s one of my favorite writers. People read it because he wrote it, not because of the subject matter.Mike Rowe knows a lot about dirty and disgusting jobs, but it’s flag-burning college kids who have him feeling gross these days.The “Dirty Jobs” star wrote a 500-word Facebook post late Wednesday attacking students for recent protests in which they burned the American flag.

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