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In 2014, she is now a DJ of the radio show named "Sunny's FM Date".

Sunny is well known for her cute and innocent image in Korea and amongst Sones, she has been nicknamed 'Aegyo Queen' for her regular aegyo displays and is the shortest member of Girls Generation which adds to her adorable charm.

She also co-hosted a music show called The M with Kim Hyung Jun of SS501 and Im Seulong of 2AM but had to leave the show due to her busy schedules.

Her last appearance as an MC for the show was on April 4, 2010.

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Because she kept missing her vocal classes due to the fact that she felt it was too rigid and she was sent to the United States to train.This was what got her to move to a music agency, Sun Music, to attempt a career in music, but with a debut album that failed in 1995, she got left acting because she didn’t record any success there and her works were poorly accepted.The story of the failures of Ayumi Hamasaki is still nowhere near its ending as she tried co-hosting shows but failed again and then tried going back to continue with her education after moving back in with her mother, but she failed again and eventually dropped out.The first man that became her husband was the Austrian model and actor, Manuel Schwarz whom she met in 2010.The two got married in 2011, unfortunately, the marriage ended in 2012.

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