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After unsuccessfully attempting to conquer north Africa, King Walia surrendered to Constantius, the Roman commander-in-chief of the West, in early 416 in return for urgently needed food supplies.He also agreed to provide military help against the Vandals and Suevi in Spain.He was elected to succeed in 416 as SIGERIC King of the Visigoths after the murder of his predecessor.Olympiodorus Thebus records that Ataulf named as his successor fratri suo, who was displaced by Sari frater, Singerichus, who was killed after seven days [Valia], son of --- (-Gaul 418).The Visigoths were expelled from France in 531, and established their new capital at Barcelona.For later Visigoth kings, see the document SPAIN: VANDALS, SUEVI & VISIGOTHS. The Chronicon Albeldense names Atanaricus as first king of the Goths, that he was an Arian, ruled for 13 years, that the Goths were expelled ab Ugnisde terra propria under his rule, and that he died at Constantinople under Emperor Theodosius.The primary source which records Theoderics marriage has not been identified.His wifes parentage and marriage are indicated by Wolfram who says that Walia was succeeded by Theoderid, son or rather son-in-law of Alaric I, the basis for the latter being Alarics son is unknown.

Wolfram quotes no primary source which corroborated his assertion that Theoderic was Alarics son-in-law.

He was elected to succeed after murdering his brother in 453 as THEODERIC II King of the Visigoths.

The Chronicon of Bishop Idatius records that Thorismo Rex Gothorum was killed by Theuderico et Frederico fratribus in 453 and that Theoderic succeeded to the throne.

The inevitable conflicts culminated in 378, when the Goths defeated the Romans at Adrianople and killed the emperor.

Following this, the Visigoths drifted westwards through the Balkans and Italy, finally settling in south-west France around Toulouse.

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