White house dating violence

We appreciate the president’s receptive and comprehensive approach to this discussion.” The statement paints a pretty positive picture of the meeting, although another attendee, Media Research Council President Brent Bozell told that Trump was clearly uncomfortable with depictions of violence in video games."I think he’s deeply disturbed by some of the things you see in these video games that are so darn violent, viciously violent, and clearly inappropriate for children, and I think he’s bothered by that," Bozell said.28, 2013, to hear Vice President Joe Biden and senior administration officials discuss the importance of preventing teen dating violence.The event recognized February as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

Missing from the meeting were any scientists or psychologists that could give an educated assessment of any link between violent video games and violent tendencies. The clips chosen show a myriad of violence being perpetrated against humans in video games, like the X-ray clips of people being shot from the game known as "No Russian," which with no context seems like a glorification of mass shootings when in fact it's the opposite.These staggering rates along with the many negative outcomes associated with being the victim of dating violence underscore the critical need for comprehensive prevention programs and policies,” she said.In addition to Vice President Joe Biden, the two-hour meeting featured talks by senior administration officials including Lynne Rosenthal, White House advisor on violence against women; Tony West, associate attorney general of the United States; Deb Delisle, assistant secretary for elementary and secondary education; and Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President Barack Obama.“Today’s action will strengthen protections for victims of domestic violence and give law enforcement in Rhode Island and across the nation important tools they need to prosecute abusers.I’m also proud that it includes my legislation to help kids who are tragically exposed to domestic violence.” The Violence Against Women Act funds law enforcement efforts as well as educational and community programs to prevent domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking, and to provide assistance to victims.

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