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Tobias nods when she asks if he lives there, but leaving him alone in the deserted and filthy house isn’t an option.

He begs her not to call the police, and Cecilia gives in to his pleading to stay the night with her family.

The house looks unoccupied, with no furniture other than a dilapidated sofa and a small mattress on the floor.This dark and compelling debut thriller chronicles a toxic friendship that spins very quickly out of control.Alex Dahl The Boy at the Door (Berkley 2018) is set in the affluent town of Sandefjord, Norway.This fascinating debut thriller examines the pressures on Norwegian woman to take advantage of their freedom to have it all, whether they want it or not.Timothy Hallinan Nighttown (Soho Crime 2018) finds Los Angeles burglar Junior Bender reluctantly accepting a job that he knows is fishy.

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