Webmaster tools site speed not updating

Free Website Auditor by Auxilium Technology is a new website Audit tool provides all major stats and a detailed report.It includes hundreds of different tests for all facets of your website are tested: SEO, on-page, off-page, social media, mobile optimization, usability, content, page load speed, readability, social metrics, competitors and keywords opportunities.Google’s Webmaster Tools have also friendly resources that explain the fundamentals of Google search.The Moz Pro is also a popular tool to analyze your website in a large scale.With the performance benefits you now get from HTTP/2, there has never been a better time to thinking about moving your site to HTTPS; not to mention the additional security and SEO advantages.

See our tutorial on how to order an SSL certificate with Go Get SSL.

For other sites the biggest reason for this is your Word Press login page.

If you aren’t running over an HTTPS connection your username and password are sent in clear text over the internet.

You can also use Let’s Encrypt to obtain a free SSL certificate. Certbot is an easy-to-use automatic client that fetches and deploys SSL/TLS certificates for your webserver.

Certbot was developed by EFF and others as a client for Let’s Encrypt and was previously known as “the official Let’s Encrypt client.” Here are some easy to follow guides on how to install your SSL Certificate on your web server.

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