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The Kongu Velallas are a family oriented and clan oriented people. It is nothing but natural that the Vellalas had to face the resistance of Vettuvas in making the forest land cultivable.They are initially nomadics with less number of clans and gradually settled down in plains irrigating them by sheer had work and their clans increased over the years when they occupied more and more areas. Now Vettuva Gounders are one of the sub-sects of Gounders including Nattu Gounder, Kurumba Gounder and Gounder.Kongu Vellala Gounders are one of the earliest inhabitants of South India living in the North Western part of Tamil Nadu with agriculture as their occupation.

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Presently, they have given up all these trades, except for basketry.

The hamlets occupied by this ethnic community are situated in the hill tracts bordering Karnataka and Tamilnadu at an altitude of 1105 meters above the mean sea level. Tamil is extensively used for all purposes, including official communications and education.

Hence everyone living in this area need to know Tamil if they want to have any interaction with the outside their ethnic group.

They now supplement their income by working as agricultural laborers in the estates nearby.

The Kuruba inhabit the thickly forested slopes and foothills of the Nilgiri plateau in Tamil Nadu state.

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