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The stereotypical relationship of a white male with a disadvantaged, or submissive, Asian woman.Interracial relationships in general are still a touchy subject.The North Vietnamese national team was not very active, playing almost exclusively against other Communist countries between 19, whilst the South Vietnamese national team took part in the first two AFC Asian Cup finals, finishing fourth place both times.Clubs AJS, Canh sát (Police), Tong Tham Muu (ARVN General Staff) and Quan Thue' (Customs) dominated the South's football until 1975. At the same time, many clubs found themselves in financial and sponsor issues, and many clubs withdrew, merge, bought another or failed to meet requirements for leagues. League 2 contains 8 clubs, and the 2013 Vietnamese Second Division contains 17 clubs. League 1 (Vietnamese Super League): 12 clubs (before it had 14 clubs; 2) V.The Asian woman may exhibit Asian Speekee Engrish, may be a sex worker, may be an immigrant struggling to fit in, or otherwise show some sort of social disadvantage.The white male, however, will either be a a wealthy, successful, exotic and handsome hunk-angel who will win the hearts of frustrated Asian women or an Everyman that audiences can identify with.

Vietnam lacks the kind of support, money and sponsorship deals it needs to build a strong soccer program.Asiatic-European pairings are also plagued by the shadow of Orientalism, and a long history of stories about "pink men rescuing brown women from evil brown men".Though 'Orientalism' was originally defined by European attitudes to the Middle East, European eyes went on to view the Far East through the same paradigm.Back in The Golden Age of Hollywood, Chinese-American star Anna May Wong was treated this way in the press for dating white men - as she found that Asian men looked down on her for being an actress.But we won't get into the psychology or implications of real people here.

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