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In fact, she knew to expect her mouth being violated by each one of us at least three or four times each and any day she made it available.

Customers who arent aware of whats going on often thought it odd that she kept being pulled this way and that through the bank by different men all through the day; but she didnt mind.

Interestingly, in that picture, Rhonda was wearing the same gray pin-striped pants she was wearing today.

Anyway, there was a buzz of excitement among the tellers when they saw me returning from my office with my camera.

When I showed up at work at about 9, four female tellers already were at the front desk serving customers.

A quick glance showed that Rhonda was wearing bikini panties under her pants.

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It really is a cute little game with them, because they never tell us whos accepting liquid deposits the next day, or even on the day itself.As it was, by , her telling station was vacant, so I had to watch out for her.At , I saw her walking back towards the desk having just emerged from the office of Brian, one of the loan officers.Inevitably, people would stay after work to see all the pictures Id taken and several would end up being sent around by email to serve as computer backgrounds, both at our and other branches.The other girls also all had noticed Rhonda being led in with TWO old guys, and knew shed be having twice the fun.

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