Verizon wireless updating roaming

I'd try a phone power cycle..button and power button.

All Verizon and Sprint EVDO modems have a Preferred Roaming List (or PRL) embedded in the card.

With LTE, the communication is different and *228 is no longer used.

I've been told this command only works on i Phone 4s and below.

To get it, log into your My Verizon account, go to Manage Verizon Family Safeguards & Controls and click Add Now, then follow the subscription instructions.

We have a thread you can subscribe to at EVDO Forums so that you'll receive all the latest PRL news.

Resetting the phone tower on your CDMA phone is the process of updating the PRL (Preferred Roaming List).

This will bring up the diagnostic info about your device, including your current PRL version: To update to the latest PRL, simply select "Activate" from the "Tools" menu (activating your modem will require you to enter your activation code - if you don't know this, you can call Sprint to find out what it is [or 3Gstore if you ordered from us!

]): About Verizon Card If you are using the Kyocera KPC650, you can select Activation from the Options menu to update your PRL and look in the About box for the PRL version that you are using.

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