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In just one search, Call Validate detects and prevents fraud, helps you to meet Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, reduces operational costs and increases customer satisfaction.All of this can be achieved instantly with no intrusion on the customer during the application process, enabling a truly paperless and accelerated customer 'take on' process whilst reducing fraud.You can also use your logon credentials as credentials for this connection by selecting Automatically use my Windows logon name and password. If it's not then make it "allow nonsecure password" See if this help or not. Contact us to find out more International ID Verification Service Have complete confidence in verifying the identity of individuals with the most comprehensive global ID verification service available.Call Validate International verifies name, address and date of birth information from over 135 countries worldwide.Fraud Call Validate not only offers a unique and unrivalled suite of verification tools, it also provides an anti-fraud capability to help you gain control of who your customers are and detect and prevent fraud.

In a few simple steps you can bypass Windows Validation, and the resulting “Limited or No Connectivity” issue on an encrypted connection.Card Enhanced - This service links the given card details to the name and address provided.A confidence level is returned depending on the level that the card details can be matched to the name and address.I was on the internet using a wireless hookup, then im not on the internet and its telling me its trying to "Validate Identity" I don't know what this means or what it needs to Validate and or who's or whats Identity?Call Validate is a single tool that allows you to capture and validate customers' names, addresses and date of birth details, whilst conducting a real-time check against bank and credit card providers' records.

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