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I don't remember the exact conversation we had the night it happened, but it basically amounted to me casually throwing out there how much I dreamed about her when I was younger and her asking if I ever jerked it to her.

I responded that I had, and that little ego-boost was all she needed to straddle me right then and there.

there have been plenty of REAL milfs posted, but all these plastic hooker bitches FTL I rep back 300 (mention it) Brahs I'm gonna rep: Velocity Diet28 Offical Geocaching Thread: I'll try not to laugh at him, for banging his mom, if I ever see him out.

p=399197671 "To be the land of the free, we must be the home of the brave." 1) Go to a decent bar 2) Make eye contact with milf (Keep eye contact, don't look away when she looks at you) 3) Flirt asap they will never deny it (they pine over getting more attention then the younger women, go over to her and instantly compliment her) 4) Buy alcohol (Mixed vodka drinks/wine/champ) 4.5) Maybe dance depending on bar (Dancing should always be heavily focused on her, don't do no ****ty 'solo' dance to impress) 5) Take home (her house will always be the better option unless ceo'ing 10k a day) confident, knowing what you want, being independent, showing you're a man, not playing games, being direct. i've hooked up with more girls older than me and milfs than i have girls my age or younger. Then we banter back and forth for a while, and I finally get her to agree to meet me at a bar.

I wouldn't wife that, but my gawd she's fun to be around.

Here you go, if you made it this far (even if you didn't): brb going to troll more online dating sites for MILFy's.

I met her off of Myspace (this was back in early 2007 - just before that site went completely to hell), and much like every other conversation I have with an older woman - it went something like this... Any random bar patrons walking by probably got a great show.She became friends with my parents, back when I was 9-10, and she was always my pre-pubescent dream girl.I still remember my friends in middle school being jealous whenever she would pick me up after school.As the fastest growing app like Chatroulette & Omegle, we pride ourselves on providing simple random chat without registration.It takes only one click to get started and video chat with a stranger using your webcam.

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