Updating the adm files used by group policy management

and copy the files from “C:\ADMX\EN-US” to \domain.com\SYSVOL\domain.com\policies . In our case because i want the English US i will navigate to C:\ADMX\Policy Definitions\en-US and copy that content to \domain.com\SYSVOL\domain.com\policies Once this is complete you can now create a GPO to manage the Windows 10 in your environment. Let me know if there are any other scenarios you want us to explore. Is it normal for the file to randomly get deleted from the domain controllers?There are a total of 190 different templates for Windows 10, the download bellow, contain 10 an additional ADMX files that are not shipped in the box with Windows 10. it does not mean much if you don't know what those files control, and how it applies that control.Therefore it’s really important to inform yourself and really understand the power that these ADMX templates have.The idea here is to just make sure that the file you're trying to open is actually using a file extension supported by the software.

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Before Windows Vista, you needed to import specific ADM files for each GPO which modify a new options.

1- To create a Central Store create a folder that is named Policy Definitions in the following location (\domain.com\SYSVOL\domain.com\policies) on the domain controller. copy the content of C:\Windows\Policy Definitions to \domain.com\SYSVOL\domain.com\policieswe created earlier. Expand the templates by executing the Windows10that we downloaded earlier.

\demo.com\SYSVOL\demo.com\Policiesin my demo domain. After starting the app, and agreeing to the license agreement you will have to provide a folder to store the expanded templates, I selected “c:\ADMX” 4- Complete the install.

The ADM folder is not created in a Group Policy Object (GPO) as it is in earlier versions of Windows.

Therefore, Windows domain controllers do not store or replicate redundant copies of files.

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