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I inherited a TP 600E (Model 2645 4AU) with Win98, 192 MB Ram and 6GB HD.

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Used geteltorito (wget to extract the image from the file downloaded from the Thinkpad website: geteltorito -o Downloads/g5uj18Next just copy the image to the flash drive: sudo dd if=of=/dev/sdb boot and enjoy. Sorry, The other links I have all involve scanning your computer because they think we're too dumb to find our own I guess. How do I do that as Lenovo seems to have lost the answer. An important application requires a uniprocessor (not duo or quad). Bronz asks: "In one day I went from pondering selling my IBM Thinkpad T20 on e Bay to mourning it's inevitable death, and I don't think I'm alone (nor is the T20 is the only fatality).The symptoms are illusive but a pattern may be emerging -- be wary of putting your Thinkpad into a hibernate/sleep state and leaving it connected to AC power.A cursory web search has revealed a smattering of threads detailing the illness.

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