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Connect any other computer via Ethernet cable to an open port on the Netopia. That computer thinks it's a normal Web Server request, and responds accordingly.

I think that's neat.) More than ONE Web Server: You may have noticed I have been stressing only ONE computer that acts as a Web Server. You can have other machines in your LAN, serviced by a single WAN address, that also act as a Web Server. What the users in the outside world need to do is append :984 to the WAN IP-address to the Netopia.

In that form, the reference to to port 80, which would be my machine #1.

But "dicksters-domain.dnsalias.net:984" is a reference to the same WAN IP-address, but the Netopia will route it to port 80 on machine #4. Having added one other Web Server machine, I'm sure you realize how another pinhole with another name and External port can forward it to port 80 of another machine.

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(1st digit of dest port)

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