Updating gamin gps

This addition continues what has been a pretty exciting summer for not just the Wahoo ELEMNT lineup, but consumers as Garmin and Wahoo battle almost weekly in the game of the best all-around bike computer.

First up we’ve got Wahoo’s addition of structured workout support, which enables you to download, import, or ride structured workouts. ERG) D) 5 included workouts: 3 Team Sky, 2 FTP tests For those importing from Training Peaks or Today’s Plan, it’ll automatically download these workouts to your ELEMNT/BOLT assuming you’ve linked those accounts within the Wahoo Companion App: As noted, in the case of Today’s Plan, you need a paid Today’s Plan account.

Within a few seconds the workout showed up: Now one thing that’s cool here is that the unit will sync 7 days worth of workouts every time it talks to the interwebs.

So the next time you power on your unit it’ll default to showing today’s scheduled workout as the starting screen: You can also just select it from within the settings menu, and list the sync’d workouts to the unit (including the ones from Team Sky).

Before I press start to begin, you’ll see the target listed, but my actual stats are still N/A since I haven’t begun yet.

Also note how it shows 1/14 intervals since it hasn’t begun yet. With that set, I launched the workout, which was set to then control the Wahoo KICKR trainer I was on.

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The rest of the workout was pretty much as you expect, in my case with the trainer controlling wattage I was along for the ride.

With the KICKR controlling things, this was within a watt or two most times.

But of course if you’re out on the road (outside), or not using an electronic trainer, then you’re aiming to hit that target.

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