Updating a record in sql

Hai What happens when u try to update data in a dataset in . Need a SIMPLE way to update a SQL record, and GET a SQL value.NET while the record is already deleted in SQL SERVER as backend? I am new to asp.net, but I have to believe there is a simple way to write a function that will set a value in a sql database to a variable in the code (Im writing in c#) and also GET a value and set it to a variable.In addition, by using the commands listed above versus a two step process the overall code may be a little bit cleaner.A second consideration with SQL Server 2005 is that the Surface Area Configuration setting must be enabled to use this code in either case.When a customer goes to check out, he has to log in, then he is redirected to a page where he can view/add/or edit shipping and billing address.I have based all the sql statements on the profile username, adding records and retrieving them works just fine.

NET then Update I do realize that his could be posted in a few spots but I think the answer is in the SQL. NET page, with a Sql Data Source, Text Box and Calendar Controls.

ex: I want to merge the two controls; one has the date the other has the time when I update the pages data to the Sql Da...

Sql datasource not updating I have this web store that I have been creating.

It also may be faster to perform a single UPDATE as is the case with the example above versus uploading (INSERT...

SELECT) the data and then performing an UPDATE based on the new table.

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