Updating a gridview

Despite the plethora of provided features, there will often be situations in which additional, non-supported features will need to be added.

In this tutorial and the next two we'll examine how to enhance the Grid View s functionality to include additional features.

This results in a Select button for each row of the Grid View, as Figure 6 illustrates.

Start by adding a Grid View control to the properties of the Bound Fields.

This tutorial and the next one focus on enhancing the row-selection process.

As examined in the Master/Detail Using a Selectable Master Grid View with a Details Detail View, we can add a Command Field to the Grid View that includes a Select button.

Note that the Grid View lists the name and price for all of the products along with a Select Link Button. In Step 2 we'll see how to have a Details View respond to this postback by displaying the details for the selected product.

Figure 7: Each Product Row Contains a Select Link Button (Click to view full-size image) The property that can be used to dictate the visual style for the selected row.

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