Tyler perry and halle berry dating

Perry hasn't spoken out about the rumors publicly, saying instead that he'll have people think what they want to think.

But in January 2010 he attended the opening gala of his new studio with 24-year-old Ethiopian model Gelila Bekele, who was later revealed to be his girlfriend.

Tyler has called Gelila a "special person" in his life in interview with Oprah, so naturally, engagement rumors followed.

But for now at least, the two are just happily dating.

Tyler says Terrance's mother isn't giving up -- she's filed a civil lawsuit -- and he isn't either.

He told us why he doubled the reward money, and how several cops are doing their parts to nail a suspect.

But no one's confirmed the talk just yet, so we'll have to assume the two are just happily dating.

How will black female filmmakers ever become bankable assets themselves, if they’re routinely overlooked in favor of men?

Tyler Perry is standing by the mother of the Florida man who went missing in 2004, and says the missing person case smells like an old-fashioned southern lynching at the hands of a rogue cop.

In other words: the female characters Perry writes tend towards caricature rather than complexity. Do I think it’s impossible for Perry to make a decent adaptation of this play? But let’s assume for a moment that he can — it’s still hard to argue that a talented black female filmmaker wouldn’t bring more to the table for this particular project.

Why not let an actual black woman write and direct this movie? Perry is a bankable asset, a name with a large following.

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