Tyler christopher dating 2016

Unfortunately for Tyler, when Norton’s Banner was scrapped and replaced by Mark Ruffalo in “The Avengers,” Betty was also left behind.

It was rumored that she would return to the MCU in 2018’s “Avengers: Infinity War,” but it didn’t come to pass.

The 44-year-old star’s personal life rarely makes news but she’s been with fellow actor Darren Le Gallo since 2001. Character: Jane Foster First Appearance: “Thor” (2011)Dramatic powerhouse Natalie Portman has played Jane Foster, the love interest of Thor, in two MCU movies.

Since 2018, she’s been engaged to TV producer Brad Falchuk.

Character: Lois Lane First Appearance: “Man of Steel” (2013)In three DC Extended Universe movies so far, Amy Adams has brought to life Clark Kent’s closest confidante, journalist Lois Lane.

Character: Aunt May First Appearance: “Captain America: Civil War” (2016)When comics fans imagined Peter Parker’s Aunt May, they probably pictured a white-haired little lady — but 53-year-old Marisa Tomei is anything but that.

She’s played Spider-Man’s guardian in two Marvel Cinematic Universe films so far and has turned the character into one that is as wise as she is vibrant and attractive.

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