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Schnatter made comments about minimum wage “costing a few more cents”?! I do care and would not want to work for this company or with their employees.Charge a few more cents stupid, I’ll pay it and your sales will increase. After 1 hour waiting for my pizza the guy says to me well yes you are f-ed with your order hunged up more than 3 times I cannot even imagine who is running this place in miami lakes how disgusting. I steer clear of their big semi trucks and have crossed them off as my place to get pizza. Reply You have the right to join the NFL players in protest of our National Anthem.

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I believe that should be changed and made correctly for customers protective reasons of diseases. Thank you Audrey Banzhaf Lakeland Florida Reply I have been ordering from Papa Johns in Seneca SC for years but after tonight I will not order from you again. And of course he was set up by the person interviewing him . Were not buying them because he is being wrongfully condemned . I hope to God everyone speaks out about this and runs this co.We are so Blessed to live here in these United States and yes they have a right to protest but do it on their own time, not on company time.Show a little respect for those who have fought and gave the ultimate sacrifice for the Freedoms they are now enjoying. Schnatter, in your defense, I would say at this point, no matter what you would say to defend yourself, the liberals would totally misconstrue it.My order number is 0091 on the date 08/11/2018 I ordered 2 pizzas at pm got it at pm when I opened the box of one of two ordered was all wrong with the wrong items on the pizza and the pizza was burned. Papa Johns into the ground until you bring John Schantter back. Reply Until Papa John’s reinstate its former CEO and president and allows his freedom of speech I will never again eat what was once my favorite pizza.I called the store talked with Papa Johns manager named Evan and the young man was rude and refused to compensate me for the pizza he said I could wait on a free one to come my way and laughed but I will make you another one but I want that one that is wrong back and it would take another 45 to 60 minuets to get it. I’ll gladly go to Little Caesars or dominoes pizza and put the current Papa John’s out of business rather than support your progressive liberal Marxist politics.

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