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For someone who says he attended the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the University of California, Berkeley, to study music, this doesn't seem wildly off base. I'm a church organist and I write religious music, but unfortunately the Christian Science Church I was raised in told me they didn't want any music from a Negro. I wrote songs about the family members that were good to me.I wrote songs about trains." He also writes about his many brushes with paranormal activity."My grandmother Schroeder said that there has to be chemistry between two people before you can be friends with them," he says."La Rent and I had a chemistry going on and he knew I believed in aliens.

Hart artfully derails every topic by providing a detailed list of people who have either betrayed him or owe him money, often including their middle name, street address, phone numbers, and the exact date on which the alleged betrayal occurred or the amount of money was owed — sometimes both."We cast some legitimate character actors, as you saw, some real funny comedians, and then some people that — we like to say — put a headshot up online and forgot about it, maybe." What is made immediately apparent is that Liebe Hart believes there may be some grand conspiracy against him in Hollywood and abroad.He tells me that he auditioned for a role that he was promised but went to Denzel Washington.Even if his tale is some elaborate, lifelong ruse, not even Denzel Washington could fake loneliness this pure, and for that reason, we have no choice but to root for Liebe Hart as he continues to live his dream.(Even if it's only in his head.) Liebe Hart says his dream is "if I could meet a beautiful lady in my life who is single and attractive to my liking, who is a musician and an artist like I am." His other big dream, "is to put the Chicago Milwaukee North Shore Railroad back in business." David Liebe Hart will perform at 8 p.m. 28 at PJ's Lager House; 1254 Michigan Ave., Detroit; 313-961-4668; pjslagerhouse.com; Tickets are -.

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