Thunderbold dating

They probably used water transport, using rafts during the rainy season up the Ganges, Jumna and Betwa rivers.Temple 40 has remains of three different periods, the earliest period dating to the Maurya age, which probably makes it contemporary to the creation of the Great Stupa.He was lodged there in a sumptuous vihdra or monastery, which she herself is said to have had erected.

These elements are dated to circa 150 BCE, Although the railings are made up of stone, they are copied from a wooden prototype, and as John Marshall has observed the joints between the coping stones have been cut at a slant, as wood is naturally cut, and not vertically as stone should be cut.

The lions from the summit, though now quite disfigured, still testify to the skills of the sculptors.

The sandstone out of which the pillar is carved came from the quarries of Chunar several hundred miles away, implying that the builders were able to transport a block of stone over forty feet in length and weighing almost as many tons over such a distance.

With its many tiers it was a symbol of the dharma, the Wheel of the Law.

The dome was set on a high circular drum meant for circumambulation, which could be accessed via a double staircase.

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