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The album also ends with “True Love Waits” — a fan favorite that has been occasionally trotted out at Radiohead shows since the mid-’90s, and was included on the 2001 live EP “I Might Be Wrong.” In a previous life, this gorgeous acoustic ballad of devotion sounded like something you might sing to someone as a last-ditch attempt to stop them from walking out.But this fractured, piano-based rearrangement sounds like it was recorded well after the shouting had subsided, and the only thing that remained were Yorke’s blurry, distant memories of happiness.According to Yorke, around this time he "hit the self-destruct button pretty quickly"; he cut his hair and drank heavily, often becoming too drunk to perform.

But with “A Moon Shaped Pool,” the band’s melancholy is more textured, more arresting and more real than ever before.Their fourth album, Kid A (2000), saw Yorke and the band move into electronic music, often manipulating his vocals.In 2006, Yorke released his debut solo album, The Eraser, comprising mainly electronic music.But to call this “Thom’s Breakup Album” would be doing the rest of Radiohead a huge disservice.After almost a quarter of a century, the British quintet are still finding ways to push themselves forward as a band on this, their ninth full-length effort.

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