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“I’m Natalie.” “Natalie Portman, I know who you are,” the girl said, smiling. “You’re kidding, you actually have a replica of her X-Men outfit? “Yep, I’ve had a thing for that little Canadian hottie ever since the first X-Men and I fully plan on nailing her to the bed before this trip docks in Bermuda.” Sheridan said, putting the outfit away.“I’ve been around the CSSA website enough.” “Yeah,” Natalie said, sheepishly. Both friends stepped out of their luxury cabin, locking the door behind them. * * * “We’re going to the Bahamas, we’re going to the Bahamas,” Voodoo Joe chanted as he boarded the ship.

“Yes, I’ve got everything.” Sheridan said as they went out to her SUV and tossed in a couple of bags. ” Sheridan asked as she arranged the bags to get more space. “Do I need to remind you of what we did to Hayden Jensen’s house? Just a couple minutes ago she’d seen Jessica Alba writhing around on a lawn chair while some skinny black guy had his head between her legs. “Yep, I married her but we made it look like it was Ben.” Evil said laughing. ” Sheridan asked as they pulled near the docks where the ship sat. I proposed on New Years, I knocked her up on Valentines Day.” Evil said as they pulled to a stop. “I’ve never seen you this mental over a woman before, not even when we were dating.” Sheridan said. “You joined in when we got back from Boston on New Years.” Evil said. “That was you.” Sheridan said realizing what he was saying. “Yep, candles, roses, chocolates, the whole nine yards.” Evil said as he helped Sheridan carry some of her bags up to the ship. Anyway, you know how the papers said it was her and Ben getting married? “Fine then, we’re going to Bermuda, we’re going to Bermuda,” Joe said, changing his chant. “Then I guess you’ll be staying away from Hamster,” Joe said, making a drum roll sound to accompany the zing. She didn’t know why she here, just that she’d gotten the invitation from Jennifer Garner and thought a cruise sounded nice. “We’re going to the Bahamas to have sex with teenage girls.” “We’re not going to the Bahamas,” someone yelled from behind him. “If I say we’re going to the Bahamas, then we’re going to the Bahamas.” “We’re going to Bermuda dipshit,” the same person called out. Especially when they belong to a teenage girl.” * * * Renee Olstead wandered around the deck of the boat, her red hair catching the sunlight and casting a slight halo around her angelic looking face.

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