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"A dog entering his middle years won't abandon you for a younger, trophy mistress." But loyalty is just the tip of the chew toy when it comes to the appeal of the four-legged boyfriend.There's also the whole companionship-without-complaint thing. Look around and you'll see women exercising with their dogs, shopping with their dogs, dining with them, even dancing with them.TIE Ext EODED Civiiiz Ation II Vniv Eivs E OF Laladde 2II85 Just imagine... Crash land on and try to colonise the abandoned space stations and deadly gas plants of a Terran planet. This sequel stomps all over it 68 CIVIUZATIONIh TESTOFTIME Updated and upgraded, can Sid Meier's classic still pass the test?Play simultaneously on 4 different 'planes' progressing through gateways to linked maps. 70 OUTCAST Living up to its name, at least 73 Mi G ALLEY Are Rowan Software still flying high? Sim City 3000, GM3 and lots more oh,justgotopage124andsee

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