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The following day, Jemima's sister, Margaret, became concerned when her sister failed to return home.Later the same day, she began hearing local rumours that young children had been seen leaving a derelict tenement building in Mac Keith Street discussing a body in the premises.In addition, police were certain the perpetrator or perpetrators held a high degree of local geographical knowledge, although may have been a stranger or strangers to the district as none of the eyewitnesses whom investigators conversed with directly knew the individual(s) seen in the company of either woman prior to her murder.For the first time in a Scottish murder hunt, a composite drawing of the man with whom Jemima had last been seen alive was given to the press, being widely distributed via both newspapers and upon television throughout Scotland in efforts to identify the suspect.The individual named John who had been Jean's dance partner walked to George Square to board a bus, while Jean, Helen, and the individual who had been Helen's dance partner hailed a taxi.

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Her body was found beside a drainpipe in the back garden of her Earl Street flat.Grass and weed stains upon the soles of Helen's feet and shoes indicated that she had engaged in a ferocious struggle with her killer, and she had evidently at one point attempted to scale a nearby railway embankment.Her body also bore a deep bite mark on her upper right thigh, The evening prior to her murder, Helen and her sister, Jean Langford, had been to the Barrowland Ballroom, where both had become acquainted with men named John.By the Monday morning, Margaret was so concerned that she herself, fearing the worst, walked into the old building, where she discovered her own sister's extensively battered body lying face down, with her shoes and stockings lying beside her.An autopsy would conclude Jemima had been raped and extensively beaten—particularly about the face Police inquiries into Jemima's movements on the night of her murder produced several eyewitnesses who were able to accurately describe the man with whom Jemima had been in the company of at the Barrowland.

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