Teenage rebellion and dating

But when discussing issues with teenagers be prepared for argument, they will question every point you make; remember, they don't have the years of experience you have accumulated to find this wisdom, what you know may not match what they have learnt.Do not just impart wisdom, ask questions that lead them to wisdom.Younger children are protected from the repercussions by their parents, teenagers cannot always be, nor do they necessarily want to be, protected from these repercussions.Confronting teenagers almost never works, it only gives them an opportunity to test their will and strength.

The key to dealing with rebellious teenagers is avoiding confrontation, being patient and recognising that you have a teenager.

Therefore, the individual is at liberty to make up his own laws, since there are no inviolable, irrevocable laws.

The Bible is not considered to be the inviolable rule of life.

Discussion about behaviour will always work better, but not necessarily always work.

When discussing behaviour with a teenager talk about behaviour in general, not their behaviour in particular, this way they can be objective and not feel the need to protect their position.

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