Suffolk dating from 1900

According to historical society director Geoffrey Fleming, the 10-room red house is a mix of architectural styles and gleans inspiration from periods like the Italian Renaissance and reign of Louis XVI. Fleming said, the living room’s window frames feature carved flowers and streamers and its ceiling is decorated with large, circular murals and “delicate stucco traceries.” It also has fluted white columns. Hallock, who worked at The Suffolk Times when its office was in Greenport.

He went on to buy the now-defunct Long Island Traveler, of which he was editor and owner until 1927.

The society’s main structure is the Ann Currie-Bell House, a late Victorian-style home built in 1900 for Joseph and Ella Boldry Hallock, parents of the organization’s first president, Ann Hallock Currie-Bell.

Plymouth Brethren, High street, various; 10.45 a.m.

& the school has since borne her name: the present buildings were erected in 1851 on a healthy eminence north of the town, the first stone being laid by H.

Salvation Army Barracks, Tacket street Holly Lodge Mission, Bramford lane, 7 p.m. Trinity street, erected in 1863, for 252 girls; average attendance, 240. Rigaud, afterwards Bishop of Antigua (1857—60), and rebuilt by subscription in 1898; adjoining the school on the west is a cricket field of 7 acres, with a small cricket pavilion & surrounded by a pleasant avenue of trees; the premises also comprise three fives courts & other space for recreation, a gymnasium built by subscription at a cost of between £300 & £400, & opened in 1884, & a swimming bath erected in the same year at a cost of £500 by the late Admiral Sir G.

Argyle street, erected in 1872, for 729 children; average attendance, 284 girls & 258 infants. John’s, California, erected in 1873, for 365 boys; average attendance, 351. The organ was presented in 1853, during the headmastership of Dr.

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