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Then there are songs like these, whose inspiration comes not from out of left field, but from somewhere completely outside the ballpark.You may have noticed that the lyrics to Dire Straits’s monster smash hit “Money For Nothing” appear to be sung from the perspective of an appliance delivery man (“We got to install microwave ovens/Custom kitchen deliveries/We got to move these refrigerators/We got to move these color TVs”), which is not exactly a traditionally rich mine of rock songwriting inspiration.Home and Search Site Guide Brentford Basics Privacy Policy Contact Families Photos of people Name indexes incl WW1 Memories Lists, Documents, News Properties: High Street Properties: non-High Street Photos Maps 1909/10 Valuation Index Pubs Poem Seeking...

Lead singer and songwriter Mark Knopfler actually began writing said lyrics in an appliance store, based on a conversation on which he was actively eavesdropping between two of their employees.

() More interesting links from Sally Douglas - try 1829 Panorama of the Thames, Brentford; use the right arrow to glide east;or select a different part of the Thames - Richmond to Westminster - from the dropdown menu at the top () Sally Douglas has amassed links to websites which include paintings, newspaper pieces, archaeological finds etc.

- all relating to Brentford and area; these are published as a separate page pending a review of the original links page, which has outgrown its original purpose () Thanks to Roger Williams for sending a link to Mike Paterson’s London Historians’ Blog - The Shocking Case of Sarah Trimmer School, Brentford.; two historic newspaper articles and links to photos of the school are brought together in a new page (15 June 2016) * I graduated in July 2015 (MA in English Local History) and am currently still catching up with the backlog of material.

Peter Calver, Lost Cousins founder, publishes a newsletter every fortnight or so, each edition packed with hints and tips to help family researchers.

You can freely access the latest newsletter from the Lost Cousins website (link is at the bottom of the page): but as Peter says, ’why not join? If you join Lost Cousins () you will find it extremely useful in locating relatives: Peter’s website introduction explains: Are you serious about researching your family tree?

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