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He is my best friend ever since we acted in “Muthu Krilli” and now in “Amanda” Nirmal and I had arguments even before our marriage, so there is nothing to do with my friendship with Menaka to this. Nirmal has threatened to tarnish my reputation and popularity ,but I am ready to face him.Nobody can let me down as long as my parents and fans are with me. “My parents were initially against our marriage because of the clashes we had, but I had my own ideas as we were in love for a long period.The arguments increased after the marriage and we were so closed to be divorced couple of times, but being a popular star among the general public I had to act in a responsible manner” “ Nirmal cannot control his anger” said Nehara.Trunks bend and branches sway, leaves fall, clouds roll, and lightning breaks the sky.Thoughts get muddled and love gets blown away the knots that once …

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The Nectar of Life is all that matters, and miracle-mindedness is needed to go beyond the obstacles in the mind that block the Pure Experiencing.

That’s why I went to meet him to our house with my father, Nirmal’s younger brother and with a family friend that day.

He burst in to anger while discussing and threw a ash tray towards my father. If he can treat my father that way I wonder what he will do to me” Replying to the rumors about the affair she is having with actor Menaka Rajapaksha , “ Menaka is one of my best friends in the industry, I use to talk to him about my matters as were friends even before I met Nirmal.

Steve & Pam Orton (SPOrton) have been heading to the desert every year for the past 30 years, looking for adventure, whether it is on foot, by SUV, or by boat.

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