Snsd dating scandal did he change his mind dating

You two are in your twenties, not every fan would be against you dating. posts that we thought you uploaded for us to see, nicknames we gave you... Wake up to reality and apologize." "Well deserved." "I refunded as well. EXO fans are not leaving the fandom because the illusion is shattered or whatever...

[ 224, -8] The reason Sones and EXO fans are so disappointed in you is not because you're dating. Taeyeon, all of those messages we thought you were sending us, the same messages we laughed and worried over... You two practically begged to have your relationship recognized and we recognized it and now we're hurt. But just how much pain did you give your fans that fans who braved four dating scandals are broken down like this over yours? ㅋㅋㅋ Your autism comment, your underage smoking, underage drinking.. ㅜㅜ Don't you dare show your face on Inkigayo or anywhere else because I don't even want to see an inch of you." "The result of you making a fool of your fans.

(Nichkhun co-stars with Krsytal’s band mate Victoria on MBC “We Got Married” and it’s easier for him to ask her)” So there you have it, another Jessica-Taecyeon dating rumor to stoke up your interest.

Following Jong Hyun and Shin Se Kyung, and the recently revealed Goo Hara-Yong Joon Hyun couple, do we have another idol couple here?

[ 361, -84] Why EXO ㅡㅡ Baekhyun, you ba$tard, do you think you're in any position to be dating right now? It hasn't even been that long since your debut and you're dating? [ 315, -10] They've been making it obvious for months now tsk 4. No matter how obvious he wanted to be, how could he use his team name like that;;; Suho-ya, find strength ㅠㅠ 5.

[ 145, -6] I don't get why celebrities are so against going public but go out of their way to make it this obvious. You said that Taengstagram was made for you to communicate with your fans.

Do they take people for fools ㅋㅋㅋ ㅡㅡ - Pann: Sones respond to Taeyeon and Baekhyun's dating (I'm going to summarize the two main points because it's really long) We don't care that you're dating. There are two points, Taeyeon-ah, to why I'm disappointed.

Fans are getting the feeling that SNSD is something only we want to protect. We invest our time and money and love into you to ensure you the best. We shield you, we hurt for you, we support you, we love you, all the while getting hate. [ 265, -4] I'm sure they had more than enough personal SNS space to communicate between the two of them; Did they have to make it this obvious. To turn it all into secret codes for each other, masking them as messages to your fans. I cannot see his face in this current state." "You brought this upon yourself." "Us fans covered your past for you... Date all you want, but why create codes with your girlfriend in a place meant for you to communicate with your fans?

But Super Junior’s Eunhyuk brought up an interesting point, asking, “Why did Taecyeon get Krystal’s number through Jessica when he just could have gotten the number from Nichkhun?

Similar Instagram IDs and Baekhyun's specific stylization of 'Ex O' This was the first stage in which fans got angry. How dare she use 'Taeng kyung very mang ching (thank you very much)' on a post about her fan gifts? SNSD is made up of nine of you but what's the point without Sones? We use our precious time in our lives, our emotions, just to protect SNSD. Now that you're all successful with enough wealth to live on, SNSD is not as important as your personal freedom. Now it just feels like us fans are fools, not fans. Or, more specifically, we look like fools to the eyes of others... But why does it feel like the SNSD we work so hard to love and protect is looking at us like fools too? SNSD, this is the same as you yourselves getting rid of Sones.

EXO is obviously the name of Baekhyun's group, and other members stylized the name on their Instagrams as 'EXO SE HUN' etc. " Fans at the time had thought that he was starting anew with them by leaving the Kris scandal in the past. Taeng is Taeyeon's nickname while Kyung is Baekhyun's nickname. Your instagram is a place where only your fans look to you... Through all the scandals, through fans leaving, through inactive fanpages...

Baekhyun is the only one to specifically stylize it as 'Ex O'. Because the 'E' and the 'O' in Korean look like 'ㅌ' and 'ㅇ' (Taeyeon's name in Korean 태연)... Fans were angry to see that Baekhyun would use his group name as a code for his girlfriend. "The trip for my dreams, pikachu" This was the second stage in which fans got angry. As it turned out, Baekhyun used this event made by his fans as a code with his girlfriend. euri #euri' When fans were abuzz with what this could possibly mean, not many believed it because even to the regular eye, it might look forced (since all they're using is the same word).. Sones got very angry over this since 'Taenggo' and 'Baekyung' are popular nicknames for the both of them. Even though things aren't what they used to be, the rest of us still here do our best for you. But that was only possible without any issues to SNSD. We had hope that you'd be different from the other singers.

At the time of Baekhyun's post, it was the last day of EXO's concert, after Wu Yifan had left. Taeyeon had previously written on Instagram, "Fresh. but looking back on it now, this was once again a code between the two of them. 'Taeng kyung' is obviously a code for the two of them. Oreo The day before the dating news broke out, Taeyeon posted up a picture of an oreo on her Instagram. Taeyeon used the word 'kyahing' a lot with her fans (it doesn't mean anything, just a cute expression). We do it in the hopes that you guys don't fall behind. What are we to do when antis use words that are justified and we have no way to shield you? It feels like we spent all day outside fighting with people who talk down my unni/dongseng/family.

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