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The American system of free enterprise ensures, for example, the right of Walt Disney to start an entertainment company, to hire an assortment of artists, and toexperiment in developing theme parks.

Their system gives the current executives at Disney and its shareholders the right to make a profit from the company's success, it gives Disney's management the right to compete with 20th Century Fox, and it givesmovie-goers the right to choose between films produced by the two companies andmany others.

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Because many individuals andgroups can open businesses, there are sure to be a number of firms offering similar products.

In other words, thesefirms must compete with each other for sales.

Business competition, then, is essentiallya rivalry among businesses for sales to potential customers.

This book also presents some historical data on the money and banking industrydevelopment, the accounting origin and others.

As this is a language course we can give only a general view of the economicsectors, we do recommend those ones interested in enhancing the sectorial knowledgeto consult the books on the reference list.

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