Studets should be eabled to uderstad ad use laguage appropriate to particular situatios.

Guidelies Moderate Geeral Learig Disabilities / SPHE / PRIMARY The importace of ivolvig parets ad other sigificat adults i structurig ad carryig out the SPHE programme caot be over-emphasised.

Work o safety issues allows them to make iformed decisios about their actios ad to seek help whe ad where ecessary.

Myself ad others I the Myself ad others strad SPHE aims to erich the studet s awareess ad uderstadig of his/her relatioship with others, ad to promote a sese of belogig ad a uderstadig of iterdepedece.

Safety issues Guidelies Moderate Geeral Learig Disabilities / SPHE / PRIMARY I this strad the studet is also ecouraged to build up a awareess of his/her ow behaviour ad to lear strategies for maagig that behaviour, if ecessary.

Helpig each studet to build up a idividual persoal profile that emphasises uique features, persoal prefereces, ad particular stregths ad abilities will ecourage him/her to lear that he/she has a importat part to play i the whole scheme of thigs.

The celebratio of each studet s uiqueess should be supported by the ethos ad culture of the school.

The ability to cotrol oe s eviromet, ad to be as idepedet as possible withi it, is particularly importat for studets with moderate geeral learig disabilities.

May studets deped o the adults aroud them to create opportuities for idepedece.

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