Shia labeouf and lindsay lohan dating

Wouldn't it be strange to be at a bar and then all of a sudden a drunken, defeated-sounding Shia La Beouf is talking to you about his life? behavior Wednesday night when she posted a rather revealing snapshot on Instagram that was aimed directly at her little brother Mike.She's now married to a Canadian hockey player and had her first child last year. She makes music and is into charities and smiles and stuff, which is hard to come by in the Disney world. So there might have been that thing where he might've been drunk driving but maybe not and he dropped acid to get ready for a role. She was in that one semi-horror sorority movie and then went on tour with Mamma Mia!Our dear Ren Stevens from Even Stevens is doing fine and dandy, singing in various musicals and trying her hand at writing and directing. And it's a real movie, not a porno or anything. The starts of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody have completely avoided getting busted for cocaine (knock on wood) and are probably the few child stars to have deviated from acting. But hey, besides one or two little mishaps, he's done pretty well for himself. Now she plays Sheldon's assistant on the The Big Bang Theory. And has been quoted saying she's "drug and alcohol free..." Because she always has been. The Full House, Smart Guy, and DCOM actor ended up going to college (Pepperdine University) and currently stars in an ABC sitcom.

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Kourtney Kardashian has become the new Kris Jenner!

And who are we, here on this busy blue marble, to judge how anyone makes their money? This is need-to-know stuff, why are we sleeping on this? This is big news and I just don't understand why it took so long to reach my eyes. " I want them to be characters in a William Pène du Bois novel. Christian Grey pointing to various things and saying "let's f--k in/on it"?

Oh, sure, if you sell weapons to corrupt dictators or write for , we just have to respect that folks have to earn their keep. But Lindsay needs to work, so she's hooked up with some promoters over in foggy old London and she's making between ,000 and ,000 per appearance. Sure with the exchange rate that works out to be about six quid per appearance, but in America that's pretty good money. Sometimes I get a buy-back or something, which is pretty nice, but it's never for a ,000 drink. Margot Robbie and Orlando Bloom were seen "flirting" at a Golden Globes party and it takes five days for the news to break? I suppose other people might have known about this already, but it's news to me. "The Adventures of Bloom and Robbie." And the frustrating thing is they could already be on an adventure and we're just finding out about it! I'm pretty sure that's most of the book, and thus will be the lion's share of the movie.

God Grew Tired of Us won the Grand Jury Prize: Documentary. Basic Instinct 2 won the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture.

Despite having a stalker or two for a bit in 2006 and a couple spats with Lindsay Lohan and Avril Lavigne here or there, the Lizzie Mc Guire star is living a pretty normal life. OK, OK, Some people may count dating Justin Bieber as a giant F on your report card, but honestly, her record is pretty clean. Life after Even Stevens has been pretty quiet, it seems.

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