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Plus, connect with thousands of other readers through our special Wedding Dress Challenge Facebook tab at Try to keep it to one to two servings (}A cup, cooked or two slices, in the case of bread) a day.

• INSPIRATION Every month from now through June, in the magazine and online, we'll bring you motivation, healthy eating guidelines, and workouts to help you— and the women and men you're about to meet- reach your best weight ever. continued on page 84 ^ Meet seven more of our Wedding Dress Challenge women— and see everyone's original wedding pictures! Losing more than 2 lbs per week is not recommended. • Sneak belly-filling fiber into your diet wherever you can— say, by sprinkling a few tablespoons of ground flaxseed over your yogurt, throwing some spinach into your pasta sauce, or topping your oatmeal with berries. If you must have a sweet, count it as one of your 150-calorie snacks.

The joy of her birth has shaped me into the woman 1 am today. They also made healthy dinners from scratch even though they worked full-time. But it was never about my looks— my parents only wanted me to be healthy, and my whole family made compromises so that I could stay that way. "When people built homes 100 years ago they'd start with one room, and from there build the kitchen, and then the next room, and so on," explains Woodrum.

— BRBNUA,^riw»w When I came across "A Daughter Lost & Found," tears rolled down my cheeks thinking of that fateful day when I gave up my baby girl. , A Roll in The Hague, Couda Gouda Two Shoes, I Have a Herring Problem, Thanks a Wind Million, I Don't Give a Rotterdam! So when I see an overweight child, I know something isn't happening at home that should be, and that's a shame. COM Beauty Tools At Your Fingertips Nip 'em on the go Cuticle nipper Sally knows you want beauty with brains. "So we started there." The room gets its modern sensibility from the Bellawood Brazilian chestnut flooring by Lumber Liquidators, and the solid stain on the timber beams.

DO YOU MIND IF YOUR HUSBAND TALKS TO PALS ABOUT YOUR SIX LIFE? No "If he isn't talking to my parents or coworkers, who cares? " — jennfulford SILVER LININGS I was delighted to read the article about looking on the bright side during rough economic times ["Is There Anything Good About This Economy? The woman whose family traded hotels for campsites in order to keep the annual vacation alive reminded me of my own childhood, where the "free" family activities were the most fun. The golden yellow tones in the four matching prints on the wall over the fireplace pick up the warmth of the stone and tie the room together. 1 Healthier breasts The attention your guy pays to your pair could benefit you in more ways than one. He should wear cotton socks, not nylon, and never, ever put dirty socks back on. COM DO YOU LIKE YOUR IN-LAWS MORE THAN YOUR OWN FAMILY? MILEY CYRUS HAS (AS "A JOKE"; CALLED HERSELF A STONER. The whole room was staring as I crawled out." — e.h., Brooklyn, ny UNDERWHERE? COM .' en LJ z a CL i Q LJ IX O Li- £ £2 =i A»* * |N4 M'NT^ * 1/29/ 12 through 2/25/12, purchase any 2 Colgate Optic White products and rec- ful savings, while supples las:. Go to discovertoeautywit to enter PIN code and print gift card, Bounceback coupon good c*i any single beauty item £6*99 or c :t with a custom PIN code at Revlon Color Stay Enamel in (from top) Amethyst and Rich Raspberry, .99 each. COM, WITH HELP FROM THEIR READERS ote ► POLLING NOW ON REDBOOKMAG. THE OSCARS THE SUPER VALENTINE'S BOWL DAY OH, WHAT WOW? I sat up to a face full of fabric— I had landed directly under the groom's grandmother's gown!— stacicrim, Murphy, rx national identity, and gender can divide us in destructive ways, but our identification with others like ourselves also creates deep bonds that are valuable and worthy of respect. ERICKSON, Grand Forks, ND GIVING UP A CHILD Thank you for "A Daughter Lost & Found' 1 [December]. I too gave birth to a daughter and gave her up for adoption; I loved her so much that I wanted a better life than I could provide as a 16-year-old mother. Gwen Stefani recently confessed to holing up in her closet to get a break from her children. Seeing that, my parents worked hard to help me keep my weight in check. "The ountain grass and sky beco e a part of each roo ." Fro the aster suite with two balconies, to the three distinct outdoor living spaces connected by a continuous "boardwalk " the HGTV Drea Ho e Tea has created an ideal ho e in which to live, entertain, and play, A ttention to tradition is a theme in /J the 2012 HGTV Dream Home.This story gave me hope that someday my daughter will search for me when the time is right. Wooden Shoe Like to OPI Try it on at NATIONAL RELEASE DATE: 2/8/12 A / Model is wearina DUTCH 'YA JUST LOVE OPI? TOLUENE, OR FORMALDEHYDE Available at Professional Salons, indudin3 select Beauty Brands. They put me on a diet in fourth grade, encouraged me to start swimming competitively, and eliminated "bad" snacks from the house. In a fit of resistance, I once stuffed three brownies in my mouth as my dad told me how many laps I'd have to run around the block to burn off just one. / The Great Room — with its Indian Ledge stonework and locally milled timber beams — is the heart of the home.

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