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"Sometimes people don't realize that and immediately think Zakeeya Patel is a drug addict who sleeps around.

When you're on set you're never drinking alcohol and you're never naked in love scenes - it's all pretend. Zakeeya scored her big break, after landing the role of Amita Khan, a personal assistant in The Wild.

We have family from Germany, China, Australia, The United Kingdom and India to name a few,’’She says .

She defines her identity as,‘’Indian-coloured-muslim-catholic’’. Her Mother is Catholic, while her father is Muslim and she celebrates both Eid and Christmas, as she was brought up with both religions, of both worlds :).

They shoot most of the international films and commercials in Cape Town. I studied Theatre and Performance, so a lot of my passion is still in live performance.

I've got work between Cape Town and Jozi - so I'll be back and forth.

However, Zakeeya remains positive and has chosen to look at the brighter side of life!

."I’ve had a sizeable exposure on a show that is enjoyed by millions of viewers across the South African and African landscapes.

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