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I feel sorry for Claire being stuck baby sitting for the clueless father, while her mom and brother are fucking their brains out. The two boys could take Claire together and give her a good DP, fucking her cunt and ass at the same time.So much kinky action could happen yet, swapping moms, doing each mom together in a threesome, and doing both moms and the sister in a free for all. So many people have mentioned including the daughter on other installments (if there are any).Thanks a lot for your effort and keep up the awesome work.

Not because they are about the whole family other incestual relationships. With that said, the hottest part of this story to me was when Kate confessed everything to Claire and then they started talking about the size of Alec's cock.I love how you portray your big titted moms (I like them just like that, hehe).It was a pity that Clarie and Jim's storyline got concluded like that.Klxro's moms go about their incestuous activities so happily care free!It was terrific to see two moms together enjoying such obscene fun.

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