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Ill Part IV: Proposed mining and reclamation by Carter Oil Company Vol.

IV Part V: Proposed mining and reclamation by Kerr-Mc Gee Coal Corporation f Vol.

If the magnitude is scaled upwards, impact on certain environmental components would probably be more than on others.

Those most likely to be affected are: air quality, soils, water resources, vegetation, wildlife and fish and agriculture.

These are increases in atmospheric particulate loading and changes in natural land surface characteristics which affect the precipitation mechanism.

Some evidence indicates that changes of atmospheric particulate loading and alteration of the earth-atmospheric energy balance may contribute to creation of drought conditions in semi-arid climates (Charlson and Pilat 1969; Bryson 1972; Mitchell 1971; Huff, Changnon 1973).

While further projections and predictions are possible with ever decreasing levels of confidence, the time frame and geographic area parameters (Chapter I) were established at the outset of the analysis.

It contains Chapters V through XI of Part I, the regional analysis . JL This environmental statement is presented in six parts as follows: Part I: Regional Analysis - A consideration of the Eastern Powder River Coal Basin, its environment, and projected development through 1990. Introduction, Potential Development, Development and Distribution Models, and Description of the Environment Vol. Probable Impacts, Mitigating Measures, Unavoidable Adverse Effects, Alternatives, Relationships Between Short and Long Term Uses, Irreversible Commitments and Coordination , Vol.

Ill Part III: Proposed mining and reclamation by Atlantic Richfield Company Vol.

BLM LIBRARY 88065188 volume n FINAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT t l A^T BUI Library D-553A, Building 50 Denver Federal Center p. and the Chicago and North Western Transportation Company Vol.

II Part II: Proposed railroad construction by Burlington Northern Inc.

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