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A: For me, it's the commitment that this is going to be a first-class facility, and we're going to put money into it to make sure we're competitive in the 21st century. We would like the work to begin as soon as possible.

Q: What will the new building provide for students?

A: There will be learning space for student-to-student, student-to-faculty and faculty-to-faculty interaction. How much do new facilities influence where a student matriculates?

There will be classrooms and lounges next to faculty offices. A: There are lots of decisions that go into a choice like that: quality of the school, university traditions, academic programs, quality of faculty and the facility.

The space likely will serve as public parking lot until the city sells the property for development, said Andy Bacidore, city building inspector.

These tickets came out of a wall, where a newspaper dated 1923 also was found.The city said it expected to be finished in a month but it’s been two months so far.“I think it was a lot harder to separate the debris,” Bacidore said.Bricks, metal and other material containing asbestos had to be separated and hauled away, he said.Q: Why is La Salle building a new school of business?A: We live in an era where our students are doing internships outside Philadelphia.

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