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A few were recipes or variations of a recipe (see below for an outstanding example).For the former, I always refer them to my page Edible Flowers Suitable for use in Home Winemaking.If you've never experienced this while sober, it can be disturbing while driving, especially when the car passing you on the left suddenly appears directly in front of you in your lane as well as in the left lane.It took two adjustments to my prescription to eliminate this.There are other issues I won't go into, but having had two heart attacks, naturally I have regular visits with my cardiologist.Medical posts are boring, and I've bored you long enough. Except when camping and fishing for my meals, I release my catch.Vino's Wine Blog First of all, I feel obligated to share with you some (but not all) of the reasons for my lapses in writing. I feel very healthy most; of the time, but issues have arisen to rob me of that last bit; and it haunts me.

I'm there for the experience, the tranquility, the union with nature.It is my habit to create email folders and populate them with emails I receive by subject matter.Last year I was delving through several folders and noticed a few were about various flower wines.I also underwent cataract surgery that required a new prescription.The latter was a bit tricky because it seems that my left eye is slowly drifting outward, causing double vision.

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