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Since the kids had their college funds set up and all out shit was paid for I could drop down to a straight 40 work week instead of the 50 and 60 hour weeks I had been doing for the last 20 years. Call me a jerk all you want but I still feel like I deserved some time to do things for myself after Carol left home.

And while Shannon later wanted to learn how to golf and bowl, when I started, she had no interest.

I broached the subject a couple times and we would throw in an extra round or two per night or better yet add a weekend of naked time but when she took the job we went back to two or three times a week. I mean, I knew it was there but when you got a couple hours to really check stuff out with no kids or wife around, you can get some seriously nasty shit.

Since I never had a problem playing the lone hand when I felt I needed to, it was a great relief.

So she got herself busy with work and I got myself busy on the golf course.

Now I will be honest, I had thought that we would be fucking like minks once the nest was empty. I kinda felt like the rug was pulled out from under me on that score. Hell she was busy with her work and I had discovered the vast collection of porn on the internet.

I could see her point but I really felt she wasn't even trying to see mine. He went and recruited some other guys and formed his own electrical contracting company. I was never so happy to get back to work as I was when our Disney vacation was over.

I had already decided to ask her to marry me so we had a small ceremony and nine months later John popped out. The weight of caring and providing for this little guy was so much more real than just playing house with a good looking blonde. She could change out a diaper while cooking a meal and arguing with a credit card company on the phone.

My buddy George was tired of the union bullshit and wanted to head out on his own.

He had asked a few guys on the crew to join him and, man, was it tempting.

By the time I had cooled down and came out to talk, she was gone. After a while she called but I was out golfing and I didn't call back cause I wasn't gonna grovel. I was drinking and I noticed that one of the porn sites had links to live shows. What I have a huge problem with is wondering if she will want to try again. she shut her fucking mouth and didn't say another word for the rest of our conversation. and I owned and ran a successful business and she's telling US what's what and how to.

Hell, I remember thinking that she could just drop something like that on me and then walk out the door? I tossed the envelopes up on the fridge and drank myself to sleep. I was pissed and signed up for an account and entered my credit card number. We are seeing a counselor who suggested I write this down as a counterpoint to Shannon's retelling of events. She got fired from every job she ever had for doing the same thing.

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