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Fit to width adjusts the page size to the available screen space, which is particularly useful if you use a laptop.

To apply fit to width to the webpage you are viewing, go to the right of the status bar, and click the arrow next to the zoom slider.

To use this feature, select As an alternative to Opera's main menu, you can display a more traditional menu bar across the top of the browser window. The structure of the menu bar is different from the main menu.At Opera, we respect individuality and we understand that everyone has different needs and tastes.We acknowledge that the standard look and feel of the browser — the “user interface” (UI) — may not suit everyone, which is why we make it easy to personalize it.To turn on full-screen mode, go to Opera’s rendering engine supports flexible reformatting of all webpages.A lot of webpages are made for specific screen resolutions and sizes.

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